Please note: We have a waiting list at this time.

All applicants must be sponsored by an existing Full Member.

 If your application is not sponsored by a valid full member  your application will be deleted.

I fully understand that my application will be reviewed by the membership and the Board of Directors of the Barrie Gun Club
Inc. and, when necessary, other outside regulatory agencies, and that same may require investigations to be carried out
concerning the statements made by me in this application. I specifically authorize the Board of Directors to carry out such
investigations as they deem necessary concerning my character and my background for the purpose of reviewing this
application. I know that my application will be posted for a minimum of thirty days at the club facilities and that, if my application
is approved by the Board and the membership, my initial membership will be subject to a minimum three-month probationary
period, or a period set by the Board as it sees fit. I further acknowledge that, if at any time the Board determines this application
was falsified in any way, it may result in immediate cancellation of my membership in the Barrie Gun Club.

I hereby make application for membership in the Barrie Gun Club, and, if accepted, I pledge to conform to rules and bylaws
of the Club. I acknowledge that the Barrie Gun Club is not obligated to accept my application for membership and that my
membership may be declined without reasons being given. I acknowledge that my membership fees are non-refundable.