Action Shotgun is a fun, fast paced game employing 12 steel targets ranging in size from 8″ diameter to 16″ x 16″ square. Targets are of a generous size and placed 10 to 15 metres distant to prevent slowing the speed of the course and discouraging new shooters. Reactive targets such as falling plates are also used when practical to enhance shooter feedback and for spectator appeal. A full match consists of four stages of 12 targets, so two boxes of shotgun shells works out perfectly.

Being a timed event, targets are engaged as quickly as possible. Your shotgun is reloaded as you go through the course of fire and total time is recorded. Penalty time is added for misses or engaging the targets in an incorrect order. Scores are posted on the forum so you can watch your progress over time.

Action Shotgun is open to all club members. We have 3 separate classifications you can enter based on your shotgun. Any configuration from a double-barreled to a pump, from a semi-auto to fully modified tactical shotgun may be used.

This is a full participation discipline. As such, shooters participate in setting up the match, resetting targets, judging the shooter, clearing spent hulls and handing out water etc.

New shooters are always welcome and we invite you to come out and give it a try. We guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun. This is a discipline deemed suitable for a sign off for all new members.

All Action Shotgun RO’s re-qualify annually under SASS current rules.