The Barrie Gun Club offers a wide selection of safe and structured programs for young people such as the Junior Air Rifle and Archery program which is open to all junior members of the BCG.

Our Air Rifle program runs from Mid September through May. There is no air rifle during the summer months however we do encourage parents and or guardians to bring juniors out to participate in other club functions as well as other disciplines that are offered all summer long.

The Junior Air Rifle program is affiliated with the Shooting Federation of Canada and follows the SFC Crossman Program. The Crossman program teaches our junior shooters safe gun handling and provides them encouragement to strive for expertise in accuracy and skill building. At the end of each month the BGC holds a match where each junior can demonstrate how they have improved on their skills. During each of these matches we encourage our juniors to focus on bettering themselves but it also provides some friendly competition with other members. Whoever shows the most advancement in their shooting is presented with an award or crest, giving our juniors something to show for all of their hard work. We have also had several of our junior air rifle shooters branch out to other disciplines where they have competed internationally after completing the Crossman program. It allows shooters to become more confident around firearms and it’s a foundation for any junior that is interested in progressing into other shooting disciplines such as black powder, trap and skeet, and our new program that started Jan 2014, the Junior .22 Program, which has been a huge success so far! Making sure our juniors are being safe is our main focus here at the BCG, however we want to also show that shooting is a fun sport! This is why on special occasions we provide “fun shoots” where in a relaxed atmosphere the juniors can have some snacks, play games and get to know their fellow members.

We are looking forward to meeting and guiding any new juniors that are interested, any skill level welcome! So come out and enjoy this safe and fun sport!